• Which mesh you use for re-meshing fly screens?
  • We have standard fibreglass mesh, which is a great option for most commercial as well as residential properties. We can also replace aluminium mesh, stainless steel mesh, and pet mesh.
  • How durable is your mesh?
  • We use high quality durable mesh, so you don’t have to bother about their sturdiness. Our mesh can easily last for at least 5 years.
  • Do fly screens block out the light?
  • Most people refrain from fly screen fearing that it will block natural light. Light loss depends on the screen that you choose. Close weave solar screen mesh blocks significant amount of light, whereas light loss is barely minimum with our standard mesh. Once fitted, you will barely notice their presence.
  • Do you offer any guarantee on the locks and rollers?
  • Yes, we do. We use locks and rollers of reputed brands. Each of them is covered under manufacturer’s warranty. We source them in bulk and therefore, we are able to offer you good discounts that you won’t get otherwise.